Heart of Pitsea supporting The Basildon Academies Youth Enterprise Challenge

The Basildon Academies Youth Enterprise Challenge

Friday 29 March 10am-12noon

Northlands Pavement in Pitsea

 (near to Pitsea Library/The Place, Pitsea Leisure Centre)

Just like an exciting episode of ‘The Apprentice’, Heart of Pitsea have tasked 8 teams of Basildon Academy students with setting up their own retail business from scratch!

Using the same budget, each team has researched, sourced and priced their stock, which they will compete to sell to the public on the day.

Plying everything from socks to sweets, bath bombs to bird food and cakes to candles, the young traders will have 2 hours to sell their goods and the 2 teams that makes the most profit will win a prize.

Come along, join in the fun and support our local young entrepreneurs!

The challenge event is the culmination of a 6-week Youth Enterprise programme which has been delivered at The Basildon Academies by local community group, Heart of Pitsea Big Local (

For more information call 07572 001671 or email