Sterling work by the Heart of Pitsea youth forum

Heart of Pitsea’s youth forum – Youth YOUnique Generation – have continued to do sterling work establishing projects and initiatives for young people in the Pitsea area. Last year saw the conclusion of a great project conducted at Northlands Primary School called Super Cool Superschool. Classes had to create a fictional superhero who would do good for the world and write a story about them. There were many terrific entries submitted for the competition – but the winning entry was created by Hazel class from Year 2 who came up with a story about Rainbow Cat Girl who defeats Destroyer The Devil Dog who has been hypnotising the animals in Rainbow City to steal their food. Their original design was realised by a professional artist and pupils from the winning class all received t-shirts with their superhero on it. The school also received three printed canvases of the three top entries which are now hanging on the wall in the school library.


The forum is currently working once again with Northlands Primary School for a new art project called Past, Present & Future which will see some of the school’s most talented and ambitious visual artists create work for a special exhibition to be held later in the year which will focus on history, technology and ecology.

The Experiences & Extras programme in collaboration with Basildon Academy has also been continuing – last year there were street dance workshops. This year the focus is a theatrical production which is being held at the school in July.

Up and coming is the third Youth Market Challenge which will see teenage teams competing to make the most profit at a market-stall event at Pitsea Market on Saturday June 3rd.

The forum has also been working alongside Heart of Pitsea’s two youth clubs – Little Monsters and Youth YOUnity – with resource provision and volunteering. In addition, YYG has been participating in a Leadership Training Programme which will enhance their skills around communication, decision-making, entrepreneurial knowledge and thinking development.