Hayley’s Christmas Countdown

Our Youth Leader Hayley has devised a fabulous plan of fun crafts and activities to enjoy each weekend and during the school holidays in the run up to Christmas.

If you’re kinda bored at the weekend– then we’ve got some FUN ideas for you to keep busy.  She has set them out in date order so you can have a ready made plan for fun, but if you’d like to pick and choose what to do that’s ok! The main thing is that you enjoy yourself!

A message for grown-ups

Hayley has intentionally planned these activities so that purchasing the items avoids using non-essential retail as much as possible, or you can hopefully find an alternative indoors. She has also kept them low cost, because it’s about lots of fun—not lots of funds!

28th November:  Today is a good day to make sure that your letter to Father Christmas is complete. Also, you could make your friends and family some lovely cards while you’re at it. You can use A4 card or paper, folded in half and even do some funny handprints.

29th November:  Go for a walk in the woods and collect some twigs and leaves, then take them home and make a collage with them! Don’t forget to ask your grown up to get some glue ready; PVA is best.  You’ll also need card or paper.

5th December:  Paint or draw a Christmas tree today and ask a grown up to help you pop it in one of your windows to spread joy to other children passing by. Perhaps you could do some extra ones for Christmas gifts. Your grown ups will love your creations!

6th December: Make your own wrapping paper. Hobbycraft sells parcel paper for £3.30 a roll, or use any plain paper you have in your house. Potatoes cut into star shapes stamped in red and green look festive! Ask a grown up for help first! If you don’t have paint or potatoes, you could draw them on and colour them in.

12th December:  You’ll need an adult to help with this one. Using scissors (school type ones are safest) you could make snowflakes! Check out our little monsters page for a link on how to do it. We’d recommend using a little glue and some glitter for extra sparkle.

13th December:  Why not make your own melting snowman biscuits or Christmas pudding digestives if you can’t have marshmallows. Both are yummy!

Here’s how to make…

Melting Snowman Biscuits

Christmas Pudding Biscuits

19th December: Today have a baking day with a yummy shortbread recipe. Hayley made them with a dairy alternative butter and they came out just as tasty too! Perfect for a little treat!

20th December:  This is your final weekend to make sure that your things are properly tidied and put away. As you may have heard, Father Christmas moves very fast to get around everyone’s house—so he needs everything indoors tidy and kept that way ready for Christmas Eve. Once you’re finished, relax with a lovely film of your choice. Well done!

Snuggle up in your jammies nice and cosy and watch a Christmas film. Hot Chocolate is always lovely to drink on the most magical night of the year. Have a lovely Christmas! Make sure you put some milk, cookies or a mince pie and carrot out for Father Christmas and Rudolph.  Then it’s time to be in bed nice and early for Christmas day.

– Make sure you ask your grown up first for an old pillowcase and using fabric markers—or felt tip pens you could decorate it for your presents to go in on Christmas eve.
– Try making some paper chains to decorate the house – How to Make Paper Chains 
– Here’s a link for making a yummy No-Bake Biscoff Cheesecake
– Try decorating some old jars with PVA glue and tissue paper—layered on the outside. You could then get family to write some lovely messages to put in there for you to read and keep – How to make Jam Jar and Tissue Luuminaries