Locally Trusted Organisation needed

The Heart of Pitsea is currently reviewing its options to appoint a new Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO) for our Big Local funding, and we are inviting organisations to apply.

Here are some documents which will give you useful information about Heart of Pitsea and becoming an LTO:

Local Trusted Organisation Expression Of Interest Brief

Heart of Pitsea Big Local Plan 2018-21

Heart of Pitsea Budget 2018-21

Additional information is available on these Local Trust website links:

Big Local Partnerships

Locally Trusted Organisations

Local Trust Terms and Conditions for LTOs

Download an Heart of Pitsea LTO Expression of Interest Application form here.

Your completed Expression of Interest form will need to be returned to us by 12:00pm Friday 19 October 2018. If your organisation is selected for interview, this is will take place early November 2018.

Following due diligence and approval by Local Trust, the new LTO agreement will be ongoing, subject to 3 months’ notice.

To submit your application form or for any further details, please email