Elm Green

This year the Heart of Pitsea team encouraged the local council to invest in developing the Elm Green play area. This was encouraged initially by some local community members and after consulting with the local schools it became a clear choice to dedicate our efforts and resources.

The Heart of Pitsea recognised through consulting with the community that a general theme in responses was to encourage activities for young people. Since the redevelopment of this park it has been put to good use with a wide range of age ranges regularly using it. The main play zone has been thriving with toddlers and infants, whilst the multi-use games arena has already had a fair portion of goals scored between the posts by keen teenagers.

The Heart of Pitsea team would like to encourage as many members to use this space and feel connected to their local estate. In the future a variety of plans are being considered ranging from treasure hunts, picnics and community ball games. Any ideas or suggestions please let us know by emailing and we will consider these in our future plans.